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 During the past year or so I have been working on finding myself again, and through it all I have endured many of life’s challenges that they say you go through when you hit your 30’s. As an overweight person through of my life, I had always thought that certain things just weren’t plain achievable. My heart had been shattered by love and I was left without many shoulders to lean on and no choice other than to concentrate on my mind, body and spirit. Since 30 came and happened, on a birthday you usually never feel older and I can say from experience that my 30th felt like my 50th when I looked in the mirror and questioned where my personal successes were going to go from here, and honestly, I questioned where that strength would come from. After my relationship had faltered, I put myself on a diet plan that would be the surefire way of getting my life back in order. Through the weight loss I had put The Wreath Connection on the back burner. This was a business that started as a hobby and sprang developments like wildfire, but through moving and the processes of enduring all the East coast of The United States could possibly offer me, was something I simply ran out of the space and funds for…. at that point I realized that what had been my love in college was actually going to come back to me 10 fold (my computer knowledge and advertising credentials)- at this point, I was 130 lbs lighter, more fit, and able to hold 2 jobs at a time. I gathereed my bearings, and my thinner, single, driven self -wrapped up the dog and luggage and relocated back to my peaceful place of Naples, Florida. There I have been not only reshaping my mind, but my life as a whole. So While my original site/Blog still stands over at– In which all wreaths are still currently for sale, I have decided to let others in on my spiritual journey as well, the life of my yearly long Bucketlis- facing all thye things I once labeled fearful- and working on my newest innovation….me (-;


Click the pictures to see the bigger picture- Literaaly and figuratively. I think We are all in for a great ride!


About Evelyn

I have conquered many obstacles in my lifetime, suddenly, after a failed relationship, massive move, and the loss of a 130 lbs.- Im ready to explore, adventure, and really live again! - and I cant wait to share with you my inspirations, goals and experiences--

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